[ENGLISH REPORT] Animelo Summer Live 2016 Press Conference Report


Animelo Summer Live, ‘Anisama’, world’s biggest annual anime-song live concert will be held once again this year.

A special press conference which took place at AnimeJapan 2016 on last March 26th revealed details about Animelo Summer Live 2016. Celebrating its 12th year milestone, Animelo Summer Live 2016 is going to take place at Saitama Super Arena once again. The live performance will be held for 3 consecutive days on August 26th, 27th and 28th with about 27,000 seats available each day. This year’s anime song super live is entitled “Animelo Summer Live 2016 -刻 -TOKI-“.

Massive crowd gathered around AnimeJapan open stage waiting for Animelo Summer Live 2016 press conference. Washizaki Takeshi, a very popular host for many anime-related events, hosted the Animelo Summer Live 2016 press conference.

The press conference started with introduction of Animelo Summer Live 2016 theme and logo. This year’s anime song super live is entitled “Animelo Summer Live 2016 -刻 -TOKI-“. A cool blue clock-shaped logo perfectly suit this year’s theme.

When Anisama special guests entered the stage, loud cheers emerged from the surrounding audience. Aisaka Yuuka, Kurosaki Maon, Mimori Suzuko, Suzuki Konomi, Shouta Aoi, e-ZUKA (GRANRODEO), KISHOW(GRANRODEO), YOU (SCREEN mode), Masatomo (SCREEN mode) were joining the press conference as special guests. They are among the singers/musicians who will perform in Animelo Summer Live 2016.

The excitement continued when the artist lineup was presented on the stage screen. Here comes the most exciting part of the press conference!


August 26th : Aisaka Yuuka/i☆Ris/Eir Aoi/AKINO with bless4/everying!/GRANRODEO/ ZAQ/Suara/Tadokoro Azusa/Murakawa Rie/May’n


August 27th : Uchida Maaya/AOP/Ohashi Ayaka/SCREEN mode/Suzuki Konomi/Takagaki Ayahi/Taketatsu Ayana/Hayami Saori/fhána/Plasmagica (SHOW BY ROCK)/LiSA


August 28th : Aoi Shouta /ALI PROJECT/angela/Ogura Yui /Ono Kensho/Kurosaki Maon /Tomatsu Haruka/TrySail/Minami/Mimori Suzuko /YuiKaori


Most of the artists mentioned above have performed at Anisama past concerts. However, there are several newcomers like Aisaka Yuuka, Murakawa Rie etc. to perform in Animelo Summer Live 2016. It is pretty interesting to see newcomers making their debuts in such a massive anisong live. There will be more artists to be announced in the near future! Stay tuned for the next update!

Besides artist lineup announcement, the host also made several important announcements. Animelo Summer Live 2016 comes with a theme song called “PASSION RIDERS”. This theme song is composed by highly talented composer unit named Q-MHz. PASSION RIDERS CD (TRJC-1057) will be released on April 26th and priced at 600 Yen(excluding tax).


Vocals are performed by Aisaka Yuuka, Eir Aoi, Aoi Shouta, everying!, Ohashi Ayaka, Kurosaki Maon, GRANRODEO, SCREEN mode, Suzuki Konomi, Hayami Saori, Mimori Suzuko and LiSA.


Short MV is on YouTube :

Customers who have purchased Animelo Summer Live 2015 Bluray Disc will be given a chance for advanced ticket lottery. Ballot period begins from March 30th 12:00 until April 11th 12:00. Those who get advance ticket will get the best position seat! So, grab Animelo Summer Live 2015 Bluray Disc fast!

Just in case if the customer miss the advanced ticket lottery, they can buy general ticket which is available from June 26th. Ticket price is 8,700 Yen/day for advanced ticket or general ticket. Ticketing detailed information is available on http://t.pia.jp/pia/event/event.do?eventCd=1612797








Bluray discs of Animelo Summer Live 2015 are consisted of three volumes. Each volume represents each day of the concert respectively. Release date is slated for March 30th. Here are Animelo Summer Live 2015 – THE GATE – Bluray Disc list:

  1. “Animelo Summer Live 2015 – THE GATE – 8.28” Blu-ray 2 Disc / Price: 8,800 yen (excluding tax) / part number: SSXX-31 ~ 32
  2. “Animelo Summer Live 2015 – THE GATE – 8.29” Blu-ray 2 Disc / Price: 8,800 yen (excluding tax) / part number: SSXX-33 ~ 34
  3. “Animelo Summer Live 2015 – THE GATE – 8.30” Blu-ray 2 Disc / Price: 8,800 yen (excluding tax) / part number: SSXX-35 ~ 36








Those who purchase the Bluray Disc and enter the code before April 11th 12:00 have a chance to get advanced ticket sales lottery. Animelo Summer Live 2015 Blu-ray is published by Anisama Project 2015 and distributed by Sony Music Marketing Inc.

Animelo Summer Live 2016 official merchandises consist of T-Shirt, penlight, muffler towel, ticket holder, passport case and AKASHI-08. There is a 10%-off deal on these merchandises which has begun from March 26th 14:30 JST at Chara Ani Online Shop (http://www.chara-ani.com/list.aspx?search=p:MAGES). The discount will end on April 25th 17:00 JST. Get your goods before it ends!


All of the special guests assembled on the stage then official photographer took their picture. The press conference was officially closed right after the photos session. Not to surprise, we saw many people left the premises with smiles on their face after press conference ended.


Top (right to left) : Aisaka Yuuka, Kurosaki Maon, Mimori Suzuko, Suzuki Konomi

Bottom (right to left) : Shouta Aoi, e-ZUKA (GRANRODEO), KISHOW (GRANRODEO), YOU (SCREEN mode), Masatomo (SCREEN mode)


This concludes our report on Animelo Summer Live 2016 press conference. We‘ll keep updating Anisama 2016 information. So, always visit Otacouncil for latest updates!



Event Title: Animelo Summer Live 2016 -刻 -TOKI-

Date: August 26th, 2016 (Friday), August 27th (Saturday), August 28th (Sunday). 14:00 open gate, 16:00 concert starts.

Venue: Saitama Super Arena

Organizer: MAGES / Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

Sponsorship: LIVE DAM STADIUM / Good Smile Company

Supported by: Saitama Prefecture, AT-X /NBC Universal Entertainment Japan / KADOKAWA / King Records / Sony Music Entertainment / DIVE II entertainment / Nippon Columbia/ fix Record / Flying Dog / Pony Canyon / Lantis / Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Planning: Anisama Project Executive Committee

Cooperation: Saitama Super Arena /Seven-Eleven Japan /Tower Records /Pia


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