[ENGLISH] Fate/Grand Order VR featuring Mash Kyrielight AnimeJapan 2017 Report

Tokyo, Otacouncil.com – At AnimeJapan 2017 that was held on March 25th and 26th 2017, there was a special booth showcased by FGO PROJECT. Where visitors were able to try the demo of Fate/Grand Order VR featuring Mash Kyrielight. Otacouncil staff members that happened to be on site were given a chance to test the VR from the aforementioned Japan’s popular mobile game!

In this Fate/Grand Order VR demo, player can enjoy private moment with Mash Kyrielight, the heroine of Fate/Grand Order.

In the beginning of the demo, player appeared from a spawn location. A moment later, Mash’s voice can be heard calling “senpai”. As she entered the room, Mash then took a seat and started to interact with the player. Sadly the romantic moment had to end thanks to the sudden appearance of Leonardo Da Vinci, who gave an order to exercise.

Mash promptly changed her clothes behind the screen. A fan-service scene was showed while she was changing her clothes. Mash seem embarrassed and her face turned bright red. Mash’s new outfit exposed more skin compared to her usual in-game battle suit, making Mash look sexier than ever.


Together with Mash, the player went to the training ground that looked like a school gym. The player was provided with a training menu. Those who have played FGO must be familiar with the menu, because the choices were the same as in-game commands i.e. Quick, Arts, and Buster.

We opted for Arts. Mash then proceeded to train her balance with a gym ball. One unique feature here was the player may use the controller to cheer on Mash during this session. After the training, Mash made some moves while brandishing her shield and the player was given 3 extra options, which resulted in the same thing anyway.

Being a bit too close to Mash when she’s in action, the player got knocked out by Mash’s shield. The VR screen then gradually turned dark.

Mash repeatedly called “senpai”, thus the player began to regain his consciousness. Mash apologized for knocking the player out then once again, a romantic moment began. Unfortunately, Da Vinci’s order for a mission ruined their intimate moment yet again.

The FGO VR demo lasted for about 10 minutes. VR technologies have enabled the player to immerse into the FGO world and interact with the characters. Our staff really enjoyed the FGO VR and of course looking forward to the time when FGO VR hit PS4 VR at our homes.

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